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Gobi Desert 2003

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General Information

These are some photos taken when Jamie and a group of friends, who called themselves the Sandbaggers, made a 150 mile trek across the Gobi Desert in the summer of 2003. The other members of the Sandbaggers were Nick Dillon, David Scott, Will Hunt, John MacKenzie and Jim Scott.

The team flew into Mongolia to Ulaan Bataar and then drove for 2 days, through desert, floods and lightning storms, to get to the start point at Dalanzadgad. From there they trekked on foot, via the Yolyn Am ice gorge to Khongoryn Els and climbed the highest sand dune in the Gobi Desert to complete their adventure, before driving back to Ulaan Bataar.

Gobi Desert Photos

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Gobi Desert photos