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Land's End to John O'Groats 2011

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General Information

This was Jamie's second attempt to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, having tried previously in June 2010. The first attempt was abandonned after the support vehicle's head gasket had blown - probably due to the delights of the Cornish and Devonian hills! You can read an account of the first trip by following the link on the Events Library page.

None of the others from the first attempt were able to come along this time which meant finding a new pilot and support vehicle driver. In the end, Nick Strange (Jamie's cousin's husband) and Kenny (Jamie's brother) accepted the challentge and the LEJOG 2011 was on. Below you will find links to a variety of items which you might find of interest.

If you wish to sponsor us, you can do so on Nick's JustGiving page at the following link:

We also want to acknowledge the support we've had from Scottoiler for providing 2 working oiler units free of charge. They were great!! Thanks! You can get more information about the Scottoiler system at:

LEJOG 2011 Diaries

Follow the link below to read and listen to the daily diries from our 2011 End to End adventure. Some days only have text and some have text and audio.

LEJOG 2011 diaries

LEJOG 2011 Videos

Follow the link below to view the daily videos on YouTube:

LEJOG 2011 videos

LEJOG 2011 Photos

Follow the link below to browse the trip photos or to view them as a slide show:

LEJOG 2011 photos

LEJOG 2011 Poet's Corner

Whilst there is little chance that any established poet will be concerned about losing their market share, you might find the following poetic offerings bring a smirk to the corners of your mouth! Perhaps more akin to Pam Ayres offerings than Keats or Wordsworth!: