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London Triathlon

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General Information

The London Triathlon takes place at the EXCEL Centre in London's docklands area, to the east of the main city. Every year St Dunstan's, a charity which supports blinded ex-service men and women, enters a team of blind or partially sighted competitors to take on the challenge of the Olympic distance course. The Olympic course consists of a 1500 metre swim (in the Thames), a 40 kilometre cycle and a 10 kilometre run.

Jamie, ably guided by his brother-in-law, George Buckingham, has taken part in 2009, 2010 and 2011 with the main aim of beating the 3 hours mark. However, on the first attempt, his time was 3:01:24 and on the second attempt his time was 3:00:26!! In 2011, Jamie finally cracked the target time and completed the course in 2:52:14 (much to George's relief!)

London Triathlon Photos

Although Jamie has completed the London Triathlon in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the photos here are taken from the 2009 event. Jamie is guided by George Buckingham and Alex White (swim section only).

Follow the link below to browse the photos or to view them as a slide show:

London Triathlon 2009 photos