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Marathon des Sables 2000

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General Information

The Marathon des Sables is billed as "The world's toughest footrace" and is the brainchild of Patrick Bauer from France. It involves a run/stagger/crawl through the vast Sahara, over a course of around 150 miles, in temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celcius. In 2000, when Jamie entered the race with an ex-Army friend, Roraigh Ainslie, and Nick Dillon and David Scott, both friends from Glasgow, the course was a massive 235.5 kilometres! Their team name was "The Desert Bats".

The race takes place over 7 days with each day ending when the set distance has been covered. Normally there is one day which has a large dunes section (called Dunes Day), one day where the distance to cover is around 50 miles and which takes competitors often well into darkness and another day which covers a standard marathon distance. Day 5 is usually the rest day, which either allows competitors to catch up on some admin or rest - that is assuming that they have completed the long day from the day before.

Competitors must carry all their equipment from the start to the finish, including food, clothing, safety equipment and sleeping bag. The only items supplied by the organisers are 9 litres of water and a tent for overnight.

In 2000, around 680 competitors started the race, with around 100 failing to finish. Jamie and Roraigh finished 443 and 444.

The information on this page tells the story of the "Desert Bats" event.

MDS Diary

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