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Marathon des Sables 2000 Videos

Below are a selection of 18 videos that were filmed during the Marathon des Sables 2000. They are grouped according to the stage of the race that they relate to. The race is staged over 7 days with Day 5 being traditionally a 'Rest Day' for those who are lucky enough to finish Day 4 in time!

All the videos on this page are in Windows Movie (.WMV) format and should play well in Windows Media Player. Please allow a few seconds for playback to start, it's worth it!

The movies were filmed by David and Theresa Banks of Team Banks, USA on behalf of Quokka Sports.

We hope that you enjoy this brief insight into the trials and tribulations of those who took part in the 2000 race. Enjoy!

Stage 1

Video 1 - The day before the start of the race. All 680 competitors must undergo a thorough kit inspection and the day drags. This clip shows the campsite and some of the competitors chatting in their tent waiting for their turn for kit inspection.

Off the beaten path!

Video 2 - Day before the race. Competitors are 'processed' through the kit checking process.

Technical inspection

Video 3 - Morning of the start. Organisers and competitors give their views on the high winds and drifting sand.

Sand rapture

Video 4 - Morning of the start and race euphoria builds. Different teams are seen singing their national songs and this has been cut into a 'Duelling Banjos' style of video!

Team songs

Video 5 - Day 1. The count down to the start of the race is followed by views of competitors starting out on their marathon journey with great enthusiasm. The end of this video shows competitors reaching the end of the Day 1 stage - some a little worse for wear!

Get the camel out of the way

Stage 2

Video 6 - Day 2. Competitors are wakened for the start of Day 2. Preparations are made for the start of the second stage of the race. People begin to talk about the dreaded blisters!

Commercial break

Video 7 - Scenes from the Day 2 race. Competitors are seen trekking through flat desert and discuss their thoughts and emotions.

It gets into your blood

Video 8 - Day 2 after the race. One of the competitors talks about her frustrations over an incident to do with a lost water card.

Melt down

Stage 3

Video 9 - Day 3, Dunes Day. Competitors are seen making their way through a vast expanse of large sand dunes. In 2000, the dunes section continued for 20 kilometres non-stop and with no water stops!

Welcome to our nightmare

Stage 4

Video 10 - Day 4, The Long Day. A mere 82 kilometres is what is required on this day's leg of the race. Competitors have to continue all day and night if necessary to complete this section in time. Anyone who is late for a checkpoint will be disqualified so the pressure is on! Competitors talk about some of their tent mates who have had to pull out already.


Video 11 - Day 4, The Long Day continues. Everyone is beginning to tire and show the effects of the endless miles of rough terrain. Some are coping better than others.

Has anyone seen Felicia?

Video 12 - Day 4, The Long Day. Tempers start to fray as some competitors are refused water by the organisers. A view from both sides.

Water war

Stage 5

Video 13 - Day 6, Marathon Day. Day 6 generally comes after a rest day on Day 5. It is also usually a classic marathon distance of 42 kilometres. A member of the support staff talks about this stage of the race and competitors are seen pressing on through the second last stage of the race.


Video 14 - End of Day 5. The medical staff are superb on this event and are affectionately known as 'Doc Trotters'. This clip shows a fairly gorey scene of bleeding and blistered feet being treated by the team.

Doc Trotter

Video 15 - Day 5. A sense of humour is always required on these events and this guy certainly has one or is going delirious!

I want it hot!

Video 16 - End of Day 5. Night is falling as the Berber arabs entertain themselves with makeshift instruments and song.

Sunset dance

Stage 6

Video 17 - Day 7, Before the Start. A panoramic view of all the remaining competitors waiting to get started. This is a real reminder of the human nature of the race and of the spirit of camaraderie that prevails between competitors.

The Human Race

Video 18 - Day 7, Start and Finish. The competitors are seen gathering for the start followed by the count down. There are several scenes of tired but relieved competitors covering the last few kilometres of the race before finally coming into sight of the finish line. A magic moment for those who complete the race!

The High Road