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London Olympics Torch Relay 2012

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General Information

After a long nomination process, taking nearly a year, the Torch Relay for the London Olympic Games started to make it's way round the UK in May 2012. Starting at Land's End in Cornwall on 18 May, the torch made its way through Wales and Ireland before finally, after 20 days, it arrived in Stranraer on Friday 8 June ready to make its way to Glasgow.

Jamie Cuthbertson had been nominated by his daughter Megan and her boyfriend Amr Koghali under the Coca-Cola bidding process. He was allocated a 300 metre slot in Kilmarnock at 12:13 pm and this page has links to some of the photographs and video that was taken.

Torch Relay Day 21, Kilmarnock photos

Follow the link below to browse the photos or to view them in a slide show:

Torch Relay Day 21 photos

Torch Relay Day 21, Kilmarnock video

Follow the link below to watch a YouTube video of Jamie's section of the Torch Relay:

Torch Relay Day 21 video