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Trans 333 2001

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General Information

The Trans333 is a non-stop ultra marathon, organised by Alain Gestin from France, which is staged in a different desert location every year. It is run over a distance of 333 kilometres and, as a non-stop event, it means that competitors have to decide how much time to spend sleeping and how much time to spend running - either way, the clock keeps ticking until you cross the finish line! Competitors can arrange for drop bags to be available at each checkpoint in order to stock up on food, spare clothes etc, but checkpoints are only every 20 kilometres.

In December 2001, Jamie entered this race with his friend from the Army, Roraigh Ainslie. The race took place in Mauritania, which is on the west coast of Africa, between Morocco (to the north) and Senegal (to the south). They made good progress over the first 24 hours, covering a distance of 110 kilometres, however, at this point Jamie took the difficult decision to retire from the race with a very painful knee. The rest of the trip was spent trying to assist the organisers at checkpoints whilst intermittently being ferried in steps back to the finish point.

Trans 333 2001 Diary

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Trans333 Diary

Trans 333 2001 Photos

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Trans333 2001 photos