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Whole Hog April 2009

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General Information

The Whole Hog is an event organised by Marie Curie as a fund raising event. The inaugural event took place near Killearn, just outside Glasgow, in April 2009.

The event consisted of a course of about 12 kilometres through mud, bog, rivers, up and down hills and even climbing up a waterfall! After completing the run, competitors were welcomed back to a lovely warm barn and pig roast - delicious!

Jamie was guided in the race by his brother Rory and the other member of their team was Stephen Docherty. The team name was "The Grumpy Old Gits" and, with the weather they had, who could have blamed them for being a little miserable!

Whole Hog Photos

Follow the link below to browse the event photos or to view them in a slide show:

Whole Hog April 2009 photos