Winners never quit and quitters never win - Vincent Thomas.

Motivational Talks

The driving force behind MYTIC is a 52 year old, father of 4 called Jamie Cuthbertson. He grew up in Glasgow, spent a few years in the Army, has grey hair and still has all his own teeth!

Jamie considers himself to be exceptionally average at most things, but there is one thing which makes him stand out from most crowds - he is totally blind. In 1986, he was seriously injured in an explosives accident whilst he was preparing for a demolitions training exercise in the Army.

He doesn't like to dwell on the past and on what might have been, but does see his misfortune as an opportunity to view life from a positive perspective.

Since losing his sight, Jamie has:

Jamie's family would say that he probably talks too much, however, he relishes the opportunity to challenge perceptions of what blind people can or can't do. He hopes that some of his own enthusiasm for life can rub off on others and invites you to give him the opportunity to talk to your group or organisation, whether at a formal event, or a more informal meeting.

You can view Jamie's pictures, audio and video by visiting our Events Library page.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with Jamie by checking the information on our Contacts page. He will be very happy to discuss your requirements and design a presentation to suit.