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Information About Accessibility and Navigating the Site

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General Navigation

We have tried to keep the navigation on this site as simple as possible to ensure that all users can find their way around easily. The site is navigable both by the use of a mouse and a keyboard.

At the left of every page on the site, there is an identical list of navigation links to topics of interest. You can either move up or down on this list using your arrows keys or you can press TAB or SHIFT+TAB to move forward or backwards through the available links.

In order to view one of these items, either click on the relevant link with your mouse or press the ENTER key when you are on the link.

If you wish to return to the previous page, either click on the "Back" button or press ALT+LEFT CURSOR.


Headings have been used on the pages to enhance the navigation options. The text on every page begins with a Level 1 heading and some pages also use Level 2 headings for sub items. The headings can be used by some access programmes, such as Jaws, to quickly find sections of the web page being viewed. Refer to your access programme Help to find out if this will be useful for you.

Fonts and Colours

All pages on this site are displayed using a style sheet. This should mean that you can impose your own style sheet if you wish to view these pages in a different font or font size. It should also allow you to alter the colours used if you prefer a different colour scheme.

Access Keys

All the navigation links mentioned above can be activated using access keys. The available access keys are:

NOTE 1: The number keys mentioned above are the number keys on the main keyboard and not the ones on the numeric keypad.

NOTE 2: In order to use these keys, the process depends on whether you are using a Windows system or an Apple Mac.
For a Windows system, press and hold down the ALT key and then tap the relevant access key. This will take the focus to the link at which point you should then press the ENTER key to go to the desired page.
For an Apple Mac, press and hold down the CONTROL key and then tap the relevant access key. This will take you straight to the selected page.